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Justin Malonson is an is an American internet entrepreneur, software developer, investor, author and technology executive. He is the founder founder of social-networking service Lyfeloop and CEO of international web-development agency Coastal Media Brand. Justin develops cutting-edge innovative technology for businesses ranging from startups to enterprise corporations. Justin is at the forefront of redefining the global tech industry, and his dedicated drive and passion continues to rock an industry in need of change. Recognized as one of the most Influential Innovators in 2021, Justin has 17+ years of experience developing successful websites, software and mobile apps for companies, including one of the first profitable Internet enterprises and a company that appeared on the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row. With a background in computer science Justin has developed multiple startups in the U.S. and is also listed as one of the top 10 SEO experts globally.

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Justin Malonson Biography


Justin Malonson founded in 2016 his own website development and online marketing company Coastal Media Brand. At first, the company functioned as Malonson’s self-employed freelancer business. He focused on the effectiveness of brand marketing, studying user behavior, website bounce rate, individual pages performance. Based on these observations, he created marketing strategies identifying the specific audience and the value offered to this audience through a clear message, both on the business website and on social platforms. After building a portfolio of successful projects, the effectiveness of his approach became better known and the company expanded. Malonson managed to expand the company without taking loans or investment money. Coastal Media Brand developed websites, apps and software for clients like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bass Pro Shops, Sotheby, White House Black Market, Malibu Boats, and Dave & Buster’s. In 2020, Malonson founded Lyfeloop, a Free Speech Social Network providing a critical solution for the emerging censorship of Facebook. Currently Justin is developing new and inovative blockchain technology focused on decentralization and freedom for all.