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Justin Malonson


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Developing cutting-edge innovative technology for businesses ranging from startups to enterprise corporations. Proven track record of managing large-scale projects in the technology, financial and marketing industries, with a strong ability to identify and mitigate risks. Leveraging my experience and expertise in Agile methodologies, I aim to spearhead high-quality projects that exceed stakeholder expectations. Expert in web development, mobile applications, SEO, data science, emerging technologies, blockchain, and fintech. Developed multiple software patents.

Developer of Lyfebloc Network, a sustainable modular blockchain network building the privacy and security layer for web3 with zero knowledge proofs; Developer of Lyfeloop, an online social media and networking service; and Founder/ Lead developer at Coastal Media Brand, an award-winning web development agency that works with global enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups to create custom-tailored software, web, and mobile solutions. Passionate about creating cutting-edge technology that improves business efficiency, user experience, and social impact, and he is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to collaborate with other leaders and experts in the field.